'Too Many Contras'

The time has come for this country to take preemptory action against the terrorist government of Nicaragua. Ever since its inception following the revolution against Anastasio Somoza, the Soviet-backed regime of Daniel Ortega has brought terror and murder to Central America. Although Ortega and his comrades state that they are gearing up for an American invasion, the truth of the matter is that they have, with massive Soviet assistance, become the biggest threat that the Central American region has ever experienced.

Now, with the recent murder of four American Marines in El Salvador, the time has come for the United States to strike at the very root of those murders--Nicaragua. It is a fact that Nicaragua, which has the largest and most sophisticated army in all of Central America, has been a haven for the training of the Farabundo Marti Liberation Front, which was responsible for those pusillanimous murders.

So long as Nicaragua continues to be a Soviet puppet, with an infinite supply of sophisticated weaponry, it will consistently pose a threat to El Salvador, Costa Rica, and as evidenced by the murder of those Marines, a threat to the United States. The plain truth is that if Nicaragua can continue supplying leftist murderous guerrillas in El Salvador, then all Americans in that region, including innocent civilians, will be targets for terrorist thugs. What this country does not need from its President is more tough talk. The time for swift and effective action against the root of terror is now, and that target is Nicaragua.


Los Angeles

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