Madonna Loses Bid for Co-op in Posh Central Park Building

From Times Wire Services

Rock singer Madonna climbed another rung in the celebrity world when her bid for a $1.2-million co-op in a posh Central Park building was rejected.

The rejection put the belly-baring singer in the same league with such celebrities as former President Richard M. Nixon and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, whose bids for residence have been turned down by other co-op groups.

Tenants at the San Remo, which is already home to Dustin Hoffman and Diane Keaton, gave no reason for refusing Madonna's bid for the 12-room apartment, but agents cited a desire for privacy as the principal reason.

She appeared before the board Wednesday in a demure black dress, but Keaton was the only tenant on the San Remo's co-op board who stuck up for her, according to the New York Daily News.

Madonna is constantly tagged after by photographers and fans.

She has recently been the center of attention because of nude photo spreads depicting her in both Playboy and Penthouse.

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