'The Fires of Creationism'

There is no proof that primordial slime developed into life, which developed into fish, which developed into birds. There should be millions of "missing links"--there have been none. The simultaneous rise of all the great families of animals is a mystery that science cannot imagine.

The theory of evolution is an answer to the question: If God did not create the world, how might it have come into being?

The theory of evolution is altogether as magic and as superstitious as the creation theory. It is as much a religion as the creation theory. It is the religion of choice for the agnostic and atheist. It is not a fact, it does not have the answers, it has no proof.

Science is vital to the human spirit. But the idea that "creationism is harmful to education" is a corollary to the idea that morality does not belong in his classroom.



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