Call John Davidson! Incredibly, Paolo the Sunday Times-toting Wonderdog has returned--and Calendar Letters had nothing to do with it. Happy owner Nancy West says that Paolo, who disappeared after jumping out a window in Manhattan Beach July 3, was picked up in Redondo Beach July 4 by a friend of an R.D. of Torrance. The friend gave Paolo to R.D. as a birthday present. R.D. then moved, with Paolo, to Hermosa Beach on July 15. Last Sunday morning--the very day that Calendar Letters ran its plea for his return--the Wonderdog jumped out of R.D's apartment window and that evening showed up at West's ex-boyfriend's house in Hermosa Beach (where Paolo had been many times before). R.D.'s friend saw Calendar's plea and called R.D. but Paolo already had split. R.D. eventually called West and explained all. West's many phone calls last Sunday included three sightings of Paolo in Hermosa Beach and one wise guy who said he ate Paolo for dinner.

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