Offended by Implications

When Asian professors raised questions of possible discriminatory admissions policies (against Asians) at UCLA (Times, July 7), the response of the director of undergraduate admissions was, "I do not know how to deal with that kind of paranoia." Yet, in the same article, when Rae Lee Siporin gets complaints from parents of Caucasian students not admitted to the university, she replies, "My point was that we cannot afford to ignore the complaints (from white parents), which are increasing, by the way."

Apparently, the director equates the Asian complaints with mental unsoundness, and the Caucasian complaints with valid grievances to be addressed. Being of Asian ancestry, I am personally offended and insulted by her implications.

The Asian community and I will be very interested in any future university responses regarding the disparity between the admission rate for Asians and other groups.


UCLA '69

Monterey Park

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