Jail Term Urged for Drunk Driving

Never has the full force of the inequities in our justice system been brought home to me as strongly as when I read the article on Vincent Wharton, lead singer for Motley Crue (South Bay section, July 21).

Having been closely involved with a person who is now currently "paying his dues" to society for drunk driving, I find the whole idea that Mr. Wharton may avoid the full weight of the law by not being incarcerated not only abhorrent but grossly unfair.

How many other people are currently serving sentences for drunk driving who were not even involved in an accident much less an accident involving a death? How many of their families and friends have had their lives also disrupted by the so-called "scales of justice."

Are we to automatically assume that the constant accusations that only the "poor go to jail" are true?

Although generally I have felt that the founders and members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving are slightly fanatical, this is one case that obviously shows the reason and need for their creation. I hope that MADD will bring forth all the influence and power they have at their disposal to see that this case is prosecuted not only fairly but to the fullest extent of the law.



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