Dreaming of Feminine Cotton Pajamas

Times Fashion Editor

Question: Thanks to Clotheslines, I have a cotton nightgown to sleep in, but I still cannot find cotton pajamas. I realize I could wear men’s cotton pajamas, but I would like something more feminine. Does such an item exist?--D.T.

Answer: Yes. Los Angeles’ own Olga has come up with cotton-knit pajamas with inserts of Cluny lace illustrated here. They’re priced at about $53 and come in sizes small, medium and large. The fabric is made of long-staple Pima cotton and is both soft and opaque. For retail outlets, write to Olga, 7900 Haskell Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. 91409.

Q: My elderly mother is not handicapped and does not have any special clothing needs except for one--classic, good-taste dress designs priced under $50. If you can find a size 16 dress that meets these requirements and is also washable and designed with raglan sleeves, you will have made an 88-year-old woman and her daughter extremely happy.--B.B.

A: How about a raglan-sleeve dress that’s available with either a shirt collar or Peter Pan collar? Styled with a 20-inch front zipper that ends in pull rings, it’s available in a cotton-polyester plaid or cotton-polyester stripe for $40, sizes 16-18 and 20-22. (Sizes 8-10 and 12-14 in the same style are priced at $35). Add $2 for postage and handling. The company that makes this dress specializes in dresses for the elderly. It’s ElderBerry, 4418 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 135, Orange, Calif. 92669. Prices start at $25.


Q: My husband and I will be leaving in October for a whirlwind trip to Paris and London. What kind of hat should I take? My travel wardrobe will consist mainly of jackets, sweaters and skirts in the Anne Klein vein.--H.C.

A: The beret is back, so either take the French beret back to its homeland or buy one while you’re there. In the recent couture collections, the beret was shown not only as a daytime hat in its original dark navy, but also as an evening look. Gerard Pipart of Nina Ricci showed berets in black sequins as well as colored fox, and Pierre Balmain came up with oversize velvet renditions.