Conferences in Nairobi

I am writing to thank whoever was responsible for sending Kathleen Hendrix to Nairobi to report on the Women's Conference and the Non-Governmental Organizations conference (Forum) that preceded it (conferences July 10-26 with coverage appearing from July 7 to Aug. 2).

She did a marvelous job of transmitting the spirit as well as the content of the proceedings. Having attended the pre-Nairobi conference here, I was eager to read of the happenings, and from her articles I feel really well informed. She must have worked unceasingly to have put together all those interviews and summaries of happenings at the many workshops that were held. Please don't let anyone kid her about her "vacation" in Nairobi. I have spoken to several people who were there and they all found her knowledgeable, hard working and open to different opinions. We cannot ask more of a reporter.

Again, thank you for the space you devoted to her superb articles. I am proud that our city gave such complete coverage to this important event.


Los Angeles

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