Q: Can you supply some ideas...

Q: Can you supply some ideas on what I could do to update my favorite wool crepe suit? It's a classic design by Ernst Strauss, it's black and, what's more, it fits perfectly. I've added some shoulder pads, and I like what that does to the look, but I need to know what kind of blouse or sweater to wear with it.--K.H. A: Give your suit the glow of 1985 by changing its buttons from whatever they are now to rhinestones. And don't think that this button switch means that you can wear your suit only at night. Black suits with rhinestone buttons are part of the day-for-night and night-for-day switcheroo that's so much a part of the fall fashion scene. Big-name designers on both sides of the Atlantic have endorsed the idea, and some use the jeweled buttons on sleeves as well as for the front closing. The Button Shop, 501 Chapala St., Santa Barbara 93101, offers two rhinestone styles from LeMode. One is a cluster of rhinestones on a half-ball-type button. The 3/4-inch size, which would be best for the front closure, is priced at $2.50 per button. The same style in a 5/8-inch size for sleeves costs $2.25. If you prefer one large rhinestone, the 3/4-inch size goes for $4.85 and the 1/2-inch size for sleeves costs $3. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Q: When I sew jackets or dresses with patch pockets, the corners are never alike. A friend says that she has heard of a gadget that solves the problem but cannot remember its name. Can you help me out?--R.J. A: The product is called a Pocket Former Template. As the name indicates, it's a metal template, and it has four different curves. Position the curve of your choice on the pocket seam line. A metal clip slips over the corner, holding the fabric in place while it is being steam-pressed. The result is four identical corners. If that item is not available at your local fabric shop, send $3.50 to Imports by Clotilde, 237 Southwest 28th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33315.

Q: We are a family that makes glockenspiels, and we all wear the same overalls at craft shows. Where can we find red overalls in adult sizes?--F.A. A: I can find red overalls by Oshkosh B'Gosh in children's sizes, and white overalls in adult sizes, but no red overalls in adult sizes. If you're interested in buying and dyeing Oshkosh's white overalls for adults, they're available in the current catalogue published by Cotton Dreams, P.O. Box 99, Sebastian, Fla. 32958. They come in waist sizes 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38, in lengths that measure 30, 32 and 34. The price is $24.75 plus shipping and handling charges.

Q: What accessories should I wear to make last year's strapless, red taffeta prom dress look new? I want to wear it for dancing.--V.C. A: Your dress will look as though it graduated--with honors--if you wear it with sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses at night. Designers from Paris to Los Angeles are showing their new evening clothes with "moon glasses." In addition to that, flat-heeled shoes in a tropical print would also make your old dress young again.

Q: Where can I buy men's cotton broadcloth pajamas with a drawstring waistline (no elastic) and a set-in seat, rather than one with a seam in the middle?--D.A. A: The pajamas of your dreams are shown in the current catalogue published by J & N Naturals, P.O. Box 3361, Arcadia 91006. These Diplomat pajamas in 100% cotton broadcloth have a drawstring waist and "contour" seat. The coat-style top has piping along the lapels, front closing and sleeve cuffs. You can order them in blue, tan or gray--in sizes small through extra-large--for about $17.

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