Jerry Falwell and S. Africa : Jerry Falwell and S. Africa

God bless Rev. Falwell! For several years I have been trying to recall where I had met him before. It all seemed to fall into place when I saw him on television with President Pieter W. Botha of South Africa.

Searching through history books, I first met him in Egypt when he was an adviser to Pharaoh in negotiations with Moses. His advice to Pharaoh was that Moses was phony. Besides, serious unemployment problems for the Jews would be created if he allowed them to go trudging off in the desert with this publicity-seeker Moses. Pharaoh was listening until that incident involving the Angel of Death changed his mind.

It seems he was also on hand during one spring in Jerusalem as an adviser to Herod. Some local politicians and Herod were trying to settle a minor uprising instigated by a carpenter from Nazareth. The advice to Herod was that Jesus was a phony and not a true leader of the people.

It appears he may have been an adviser to Sheriff Bull Conner in Birmingham, Ala., in his dealings with that upstart preacher from Montgomery. It seems that wherever people were oppressed and seeking relief from that oppression, our man was on hand to help. One can only hope that his efforts on behalf of the black people of South Africa will be as helpful as they have been for others in the past.



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