What's Edie Adams been doing lately? Shopping...

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What's Edie Adams been doing lately? Shopping for shoes at Ciao on Melrose Avenue, for one thing. Adams seems to be a regular along the Beverly Hills-alternative route, says Melissa Welles of the shop, who adds that Adams was wearing an outfit from Grau, the shop right next door to Ciao. Welles says Adams bought two pairs of mid-heel pumps and two pairs of very high heels, which she tried on after raising her mid-calf skirt closer to her knees. At that moment, Welles got a gander at the gams that were part of Adams' early trademark. And she reports: "The lady has great legs."

Trivia time: Do you remember what the charter-boat operator (played by actor Steve Guttenberg) wears in "Cocoon"? The film's costume supervisor, Ed Marks, tells us he won't forget so soon. When wardrobers put Guttenberg in cut-off jeans for his role, the actor protested. He wanted authenticity, he said, and cut-offs went out of style for boat workers in the 1970s. They mostly wear surfer-style swim trunks nowadays, Guttenberg said. Marks, impressed with the actor's concern, went to a local St. Petersburg, Fla., surf shop, bought several pairs of surfer trunks and bleached them to achieve a sun-faded look.

Jane Seymour is sporting a corset for all the world to see. It's white silk and lace in a Renaissance style, like the corsets women wear in Shakespearean plays. And it comes from Ellen's antique-clothing store in Santa Monica. We gather all of this from Ellen Johnson, who owns the shop. She says Seymour wears the garment over a white silk top with mauve satin shoulder bows and a long white silk skirt. She wears it in real life and in a cosmetics commercial she recently taped, the shopkeeper adds. Johnson makes many of the clothes she carries in her store, using fabrics and trims from turn-of-the-century garments she collects in Europe and the United States. It turns out she and Seymour have collector's fever in common. "Jane brought in some of her own antique clothes to show me," Johnson says. "One is a man's jacket from the 1700s, which she said she wore when she met the Queen of England."

We hate to break this to you, but there's yet another Swatch watch your teen-ager is probably going to demand. This one, from the firm's new collection, is transparent and neon--a combination that gives the timepiece a made-on-Mars look. You can see right through it and it glows. It's the same price as all the others in the line . . . but when we saw the color photo that came in the mail, we decided it was priceless.

What do you wear to a dinosaur hunt? Engineer/explorer Herman Regusters and his fearless band of entomologists and paleontologists will poke around swampland in the African Congo wearing sportswear from the Wrangler Expedition line. Wrangler's Tom R. Collins tells us that the Trace II expedition will soon leave to search for the mysterious brontosaurus-like creature known to locals in the region as mokele-mbembe, or "animal who stops the river's flow." The animal was sighted five times during the first Trace expedition in 1982, and voice prints of its roar have completely baffled scientists who are unable to match it with any known animal species. Collins says Wrangler has outfitted the expeditioners in cotton canvas pants with cargo pockets and cotton/poly-blend safari shirts. Maybe the creature will like the fashions so much that he'll show himself and try to borrow one. If that should happen, watch for a story on Page 1.

From our Only In California file: Fitness author Trisha Yeager has come up with a new twist in the wacky world of weights. She figures lots of fitness buffs would wear their wrist and ankle weights to dress-up parties and fancy restaurants if only the darned things looked a little more fashionable. So she's designed Wonder Weights to wear with the classiest clothes. The women's styles (1.76 pounds) are covered with silk, velvet, denim or leather, and some are sequined or ruffled with lace. The men's styles (2.2 pounds) are covered in eel skin or pre-washed denim.

Angela Lansbury (in baby-blue T-shirt and wrap-around skirt) probably thought she was safe from show-biz talk as she hovered over the cukes at the Vicente Foods Market in Brentwood. No such luck. One admiring fan asked not for her autograph but for confirmation that her TV show, "Murder She Wrote," has been renewed. "Yes," she smiled politely, on her way to the peaches.

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