Bush to Head West for Tax-Reform Plan, GOP Funds

United Press International

Vice President George Bush will make a cross-country political tour next week, including two days in Los Angeles, to drum up support for the Administration’s tax-reform plan and to raise money for GOP candidates, his office announced today.

He will deliver the Landon Lecture at Kansas State University next Monday and then attend the 98th birthday party of Alf Landon, the GOP’s 1936 presidential candidate, at his home in Topeka.

After stops in Sacramento and San Francisco, Bush will fly to Los Angeles on Sept. 12 to address a tax reform panel and attend a fund-raising barbecue for California Senate Republicans and speak to the California Public-Private Partnerships awards dinner. On Sept. 13 he will attend the Mexican Chamber of Commerce-Los Angeles Cultural and Commercial Fair. He will then travel to San Antonio for a fund-raiser for his political action committee and return to Washington on Sept. 15.