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Signed into law a bill (AB 688) by Assemblyman Patrick Johnston (D-Stockton) to require political action committees to stop using euphemistic titles such as “Good Government Committee” and specifically identify who they represent to allow easier identification of campaign contributions.

Assembly Floor Action:

AIDS: Approved on a 62-8 vote a bill (SB 292) by Sen. Milton Marks (R-San Francisco) to prohibit disclosure of confidential information concerning AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) research participants and to provide civil or criminal penalties for violations. It goes back to the Senate for concurrence in Assembly amendments.

Automobile Insurance: Approved and sent to the governor on a 64-3 vote a bill (AB 896) by Assemblyman Thomas M. Hannigan (D-Fairfield) to prohibit the state from selling information to automobile insurance companies regarding traffic accidents where the other driver was at fault, in the opinion of the reporting law enforcement officer. The goal of the bill is to prevent insurance rate increases or policy cancellations for drivers who are not at fault.

Discrimination: Approved on a 42-25 vote a bill (SB 792) by Sen. Bill Greene (D-Los Angeles) to require applicants for teaching credentials to demonstrate competence in courses focusing on state and federal anti-discrimination laws, including the promotion of equal opportunities for all persons, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or national origin. It returns to the upper house for final action.

Stud Poker: Approved and sent to the governor on a 48-24 vote a bill (SB 825) by Sen. Bill Greene (D-Los Angeles) to allow stud poker to be played in card parlors.


Senate Floor Action:

Cheese: Approved and sent to the governor on a 39-0 vote a bill (SB 859) by Sen. Art Torres (D-South Pasadena) to require stricter state inspection of fresh soft cheese plants using pasteurization equipment and tougher penalties for contamination of products. The bill was sparked by the recent incident of tainted Jalisco brand cheese.

Child Care: Approved on a 35-0 vote a bill (AB 55) by Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco) to appropriate $30 million for expanded child care programs for mothers who work or go to school. It goes back to the Assembly for consideration of Senate changes.

Homeless Assistance: Approved on a 29-4 vote a bill (AB 1996) by Assemblywoman Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) to appropriate $1 million from the state general fund to establish a homeless assistance counseling program. It returns to the Assembly for concurrence in Senate amendments.

School Air Conditioning: Approved on a 37-0 vote a bill (AB 1016) by Assemblyman Mike Roos (D-Los Angeles) to set up a $25-million, two-year program to purchase and install air conditioning equipment in year-round schools. The $25 million would include $20 million from offshore oil drilling revenues and $5 million from the general fund. It goes back to the Assembly for final action.

--Compiled by Jerry Gillam, Times Staff Write r