Seal Beach : Sand-Castle Contest to Open United Way Drive

Teams from about 70 corporations and groups will stand with shovels and buckets poised Saturday, waiting for the signal--a balloon launch--to dig in and start reshaping the beach.

The teams will have three hours in which to fashion the best castle or sculpture in an annual contest designed to kick off the United Way’s fund-raising season. The organization hopes to raise about $18.4 million in 1985, according to campaign chairman Cloyd Reeg, president of Unocal Science and Technology in Brea.

Reeg will throw out the traditional first bucket of sand shortly before the start of the competition at noon. Rules require that teams be confined to 20-by-20-foot sites and that no sand can be imported after the start of the competition.

Awards will be given in various categories at 4:30 p.m. The judges will be headed by world champion sand castle builder Kent Trollen of Newport Beach.