Poison That Looks Like Cocaine Stolen

Apoisonous substance that looks like cocaine has been stolen from a Westlake Village manufacturer and might be sold as the illegal drug, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department warned Thursday.

Spokeswoman Lynda Edmonds said packets containing half a gram each of the chemical molybdenum pentachloride were stolen from the Eaton Corp. building between Aug. 28 and Sept. 7.

The substance is a white crystalline powder that could cause serious injury or death if ingested, Edmonds said. However, Detective Ed Young said the Sheriff’s Department has no evidence that the chemical was stolen specifically to dilute cocaine or to substitute for it.

Young said there are no suspects in the case.

Edmonds said the Sheriff’s Department has notified poison information centers about the theft of the chemical. Officials from Eaton were unavailable for comment Thursday.