Governor Bills Signed:AIDS: Extends the life of...

Times Staff Writer

Governor Bills Signed:

AIDS: Extends the life of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Advisory Committee, whose members are appointed by the governor and the Legislature to advise the Department of Health and the Legislature, from July 1, 1986, to July 1, 1990, (SB 678) by Senate President Pro Tem David A. Roberti (D-Los Angeles).

Cancer Registry: Expands the state cancer registry program to all 58 counties by the end of the decade to compile more information on the disease, (AB 136) by Assemblyman Lloyd G. Connelly (D-Sacramento).

Child Abuse: Requires social workers, psychologists, and marriage and child counselors to complete courses in child abuse detection and reporting before applying for a state license or renewal, (AB 141) by Assemblywoman Gloria Molina (D-Los Angeles).


Bills Vetoed:

Rapid Transit: Would have allowed the Southern California Rapid Transit District to purchase rail cars and up to 40 methanol-powered buses by negotiation rather than competitive bidding, (AB 76) by Assemblyman Frank Vicencia (D-Bellflower). The governor said negotiation did not appear to be a necessary or appropriate method for obtaining either kind of equipment.

Exit Polls: Would have prohibited talking to a voter within 300 feet instead of 100 feet of a polling place to discourage exit surveys, (AB 948) by Assemblyman Louis J. Papan (D-Daly City). The governor said there was insufficient evidence of abuse or need to justify expanding the current statutory ban.