Offshore Oil Production

I would like to pose a simple solution to the apparent dilemma of choosing between the "threat" of offshore oil exploration and the preservation of pristine ocean views for Southern California.

Since the entire 22-year history of drilling 310 exploratory wells in the Pacific outer continental shelf has never resulted in any oil spill reaching our beaches, I won't complicate the issue with the perceived threat of a horrendous oil spill. My solution to the dilemma is this: Each coastal community that decides to support the offshore leasing moratorium could prohibit filling stations from selling gasoline and diesel fuel in that community.

This solution would serve to (1) help maintain the pristine coastline views, both toward the open ocean and toward the quaint, French Riviera-like setting of the region and (2) encourage the oil business to be more equitably distributed to those communities in California and the rest of the country that support offshore oil development.


Huntington Beach

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