Residents Protest Council Spending

Who does this City Council think they are? Why do they have to destroy public documents and records in the privacy of their own homes and bedrooms? Did they forget that we, the taxpayers, own the documents, they don’t.

Councilman Lou Banas said that the reason the shredders were obtained was because some city officials were concerned about a local activist “going through trash cans.”

Thanks to the recent brilliant reporting by the Los Angeles Times and reporter Ralph Cipriano, we probably understand that the City Council bought themselves shredders with our money to destroy the many receipts from their “business trips” to Palm Springs, France, Germany, Switzerland, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska, and other places.

As far as having video recorders in their homes, if it’s city property what is it doing away from City Hall? Don’t tell me they are only recording Planning Commission meetings and City Council sessions. If they had a choice, . . . I think the answer is only obvious what they would be watching.


And what makes them better than any other resident of Norwalk to have their cable subscription paid for them by Falcon Cable Communications?