Growth of Fund-Raising Dinners

You dropped the fund-raising ball in your recent article.

What was omitted, and what I stressed in my interview, was that a well-attended, well-publicized event enhances the image and importance of a foundation or association. While it may be true that the Boy Scouts, already well-known and well-publicized, would not benefit from the visibility of an event, we (also) do events for organizations whose public image has not been built and developed by a large, major event and who do not receive the advantage of United Way funding as do the Boy Scouts.

Additionally, I had stated that while the basic cost per person for a (fund-raising) dinner might be about $50, $40 of that covers the dinner as well as music, entertainment and other amenities. The actual overhead cost can be as low as $5 to $15 per person, depending on the number of attendees.

Most important, however, is the philosophical fact that support and volunteerism get recharged by the synergy and enthusiasm generated whenever a leader or a cause is recognized and people pay tribute. We feel that is a positive for which there is no substitute.



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