Haig Warns Against ‘Euphoric Expectations’

United Press International

Former Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. warned Americans today not to have “euphoric expectations” about the latest arms control talks between the United States and Soviet Union.

Haig told a news conference prior to a speech before the Economic Club of Detroit that he is suspicious of the public relations posturing under way in the Soviet Union.

There is more reason to hope for success when there is no such posturing on either side of the bargaining table, he said.

“It would be very self-deceiving to entertain euphoric expectations,” Haig said. He said more must be known about the 50% reductions in arms proposed by the Soviet Union.

The United States would need to know what kinds of reductions, and how they would affect what he described as the unstable Soviet advantage in anti-ballistic missiles.


Haig warned that prospects for progress in the upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit talks may be less favorable than in previous summits.

“The atmosphere has been anything but conducive to that today,” he said.