Bellflower : Fireworks Reinstated for City's 28th Anniversary

Fireworks--missing during last year's annual Liberty Week celebration in Bellflower--will be part of the festivities again. By a 3-2 vote, the City Council has approved a fireworks display as part of the city's 28th birthday celebration. The week-long affair, which starts Oct. 26 and runs through Nov. 3, will include a 10-K run, carnival, parade, Halloween party, giant birthday cake and the fireworks display Nov. 2 in Thompson Park.

The council approved the fireworks display on a motion by Councilman Ray O'Neal. O'Neal said he asked that the council set a $6,000 limit on spending for the event. He said the council had voted against fireworks last year because it believed it was too expensive.

Councilman Joseph Cvetko, who voted against the motion, said he believed it was too much money to spend "for 15 minutes of noise and smoke." O'Neal said he thought the event "will last longer than 15 minutes. Perhaps, 45 minutes."

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