The county Board of Supervisors asked Tuesday for an investigation into a brutal Oct. 8 attack on a 76-year-old Norwalk woman. According to a motion by Supervisor Michael Antonovich, the suspect in the attack had been committed to a state mental institution 35 times and arrested in the Los Angeles area 47 times for drug use, assault, burglary and theft. Antonovich called for an inquiry by the county district attorney and Probation Department into why the suspected assailant, Anthony Amaviska, 38, was not in jail or a state mental institution.

Antonovich said the victim, whose eyes were gouged in the attack, will never regain her eyesight. Sheriff's deputies said the woman was walking from her Norwalk home at 5:15 a.m. to an all-night convenience store when Amaviska attacked her at Rosecrans and Bloomfield avenues. The woman is in serious but stable condition at a local hospital, they said.

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