Calendar reported in June that many African-aid organizations hadn't yet submitted their funds to Africa or were still in the process of tabulating proceeds. A new survey finds that many organizations have now received the money.

Some groups brought in more than double what they expected. Others were disappointed when profits fell short of projections. A radiothon in April by San Diego station 91X received about $112,000 in pledges to benefit Project Concern International, which reported that $50,000 has been received.

Without a draw like Bruce Springsteen or Michael Jackson, some charity groups trying to sell records were unsuccessful with major labels and had to release their records themselves or deal with smaller labels.

Other projects didn't get off the ground. A Toronto benefit concert rumored to feature Supertramp, Simple Minds and a host of Canadian artists, was postponed by Keith Sharp, publisher of Canada's leading pop music magazine, Music Express.

Then there was You and Me Because We Care, which last April suffered a $100,000 estimated loss with the flop of its concert featuring 30 Hollywood musicians. It was conceived as a three-day video and audio event to raise $1 million for the Red Cross African famine relief fund.

Here's a list of relief projects, with revenue figures supplied by the organizations and validated by the relief agencies:

AFRICA TOMORROW INC. Established May, 1985. 12115 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood 91607 (818) 760-8878 $ Raised Submitting grant proposals $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Formed by Paul Winchell, Ed Asner and Arnold Newman "to advance the use of advanced technology in solving hunger problems worldwide." "As opposed to media aid in money or food, Africa Tomorrow concentrates on long-term survival on the village level through fish farming," said spokeswoman Kathy Royce. Hopes to have three fish farms operating next year. Sponsors include Cybill Shepherd, Norman Lear, Henry Winkler. Funds and Distribution Headquartered in Asner's office and homes of members, group hasn't raised money other than to pay administrative costs, said Royce. In process of submitting a $12-million grant proposal for 20 village projects to feed half a million or more.

THE BLACK AMERICAN RESPONSE TO THE AFRICAN CRISIS Established February, 1984 P.O. Box 1004-N Pasadena, CA 91102 (818) 584-0303 $ Raised $780,000 $ Distributed $510,800 Goals and Backers Coalition of clergy, entertainers, journalists, business people, health professionals and community leaders, including singer Marilyn McCoo and KABC reporter Larry Carroll, group formed to heighten awareness of the crisis. Fund-raising activities include premiere of "Brewster's Millions" in May, which raised $150,000. Funds and Distribution Revenues funneled into projects administered by World Vision International, African Enterprise, UNICEF and National Council of Negro Women, said spokeswoman La Verne Powlis. Projects include irrigation and farmland settlement project for 1,100 refugees, rotating medical personnel program launched in October and medical care and emergency food centers.

BROADWAY FEEDS THE WORLD Established April, 1985 1775 Broadway, 7th floor New York, NY 10019 (212) 307-1908 $ Raised Event Not Yet Held $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Entertainment attorney Peter Muller and actress Susan Edwards sought to produce album and video featuring 40 Broadway stage actors. Muller planned to tape the video and air it on cable, but the project hit "legal snags" and "is now in a state of limbo," he said. "We want to do something that's more in the spirit of the theater than a record label." Funds and Distribution They are reevaluating where the money will go. "Fifty percent or more will stay here. We have our own problems." Muller said they also would consider contributing to Mexican earthquake victims and AIDS research.

CALYPSOES FOR AFRICA Established May, 1985 1 Penn Plaza, Suite 100 New York, NY 10019 (212) 279-6666 $ Raised Sales Not Yet Held $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Percussionist Ralph MacDonald gathered 70 Calypso musicians from Trinidad and Tobago, including Mighty Sparrow, Blue Boy and Designer, to record 12-inch single, "Now Is the Time." Just released, with the possibility of a video and a concert accompanying it. Funds and Distribution 75% of revenues will be distributed to an African relief agency, 5% to the hungry and homeless in U.S., 10% to the hungry and homeless in Caribbean relief effort, 10% toward "perpetuating Calypso as an art form," said Calypsoes for Africa director Gil Figaro.

CHANTEURS SANS FRONTIERES (Singers Without Borders) Established March, 1985 62 Rue de Sezres Boulogne, France 92100 011-331-604-9115 $ Raised $3 million $ Distributed $1.2 million Goals and Backers 6 French musicians gathered in the Palais des Congres, Paris' largest concert hall, in March to perform "Ethiopie," composed by French musician Renaud. 2 million copies of 12-inch single have been sold, a figure co-producer Thomas Noton calls "a miracle" for the French record buying public. Group held a benefit concert in Paris Oct. 13 with a disappointing turnout estimated between 15,000 and 20,000. Funds and Distribution Most of the money is distributed through the relief agency Medecins sans Frontieres (Physicians Without Borders). Noton said some money will be given to International Action Against Hunger and to "little operations doing their own thing to help."

CHILDREN OF THE WORLD PROJECT Established April, 1985 P.O. Box 4364 Los Angeles, CA 90078 (512) 655-5500 $ Raised $10,000 $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Radio personality Sonny Melendrez, now at KTFM, San Antonio, gathered chorus of 55 children representing 20 countries to sing "We Are the World" for a single and video, both released June 15. Chorus included celebrity kids (Drew Barrymore, Glen Scarpelli, Kim Fields). TV special also in the works. Both Children of the World and USA for Africa's versions of "We Are the World" to be available as a captioned video package for Christmas. Funds and Distribution Melendrez is waiting to accumulate $100,000 before making a distribution to USA for Africa.

CHRISTIAN ARTISTS UNITED TO SAVE THE EARTH (CAUSE) Established January, 1985 3101 W. End Ave., Suite 200 Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 292-7000 $ Raised $380,000 $ Distributed $90,000 Goals and Backers Christian recording industry gathered gospel singers after the Dove Awards to record "Do Something Now" single, released with a video in June. Benefit concerts under the CAUSE banner are in planning. Funds and Distribution Proceeds to Compassion International, nonprofit Christian relief organization, according to Compassion International spokesman Devlin Donaldson.

FASHION AID Established June, 1985 c/o Live Aid Foundation P.O. Box 7800 San Francisco, CA 94120 (213) 822-9940 $ Raised $895,000 $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Fashion shows in London and New York Nov. 5 and 6, organized by designer Jasper Conran and Bob Geldof. Models in London included Boy George, Shirley Bassey and the rock group Madness; in New York, Molly Ringwald, Deborah Harry and Susan Lucci ("All My Children"). Events filmed by video directors Godley and Creme. Funds and Distribution Money is in process of being donated to Live Aid Foundation, said Live Aid project director Zoe Miller.

HARVEST OF HEARTS Established March, 1985 12681 Panorama View Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 752-6159 $ Raised Event Not Yet Held $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Gospel rock musicians and relief agency people are scheduling a benefit next April. Spokesman Tom Delameter said that some money might be used to defend Mercy Ships director Don Stephens, who's serving a 3 1/2-year prison sentence in Greece for proselytizing. Delameter said: "We can do more for world hunger by protecting relief workers and raising public awareness of their persecution than by raising money to purchase grain." Funds and Distribution Revenues to be donated to Mercy Ships, which operates two relief ships that sail worldwide delivering food, medical supplies, and, in the case of Mexico, makeshift housing.

HAVE A HEART Established September, 1984 c/o Mercy Corps International C-33730, Seattle, WA 98133 (206) 789-2131 $ Raised $20,000 $ Distributed $9,800 Goals and Backers Pat and Debby Boone, Glen Campbell and other Christian artists staged the concert in Anaheim last Valentine's Day and recorded "Song for the Poor," single released in June. Video will be syndicated and is planned to be shown sometime next year. Funds and Distribution Money goes to Mercy Corps, relief and development agency that distributes food, clothing and medical supplies in Ethiopia and sponsors water well drilling projects, said spokesman Bob Angelotti.

HEAR 'N AID Established February, 1985 c/o W3 Public Relations 8380 Melrose Ave., Suite 105 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (213) 852-1043 $ Raised Record Not Yet Released $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers 40 heavy-metal musicians from such groups as Quiet Riot, Dio, and Motley Crue recorded the single "Stars," to be released in January on PolyGram Records, along with a video. Compilation album, along with a video documentary of the session, to be released after the single, said spokeswoman Sharon Weisz. Funds and Distribution "It would be nice to raise $25 million for USA for Africa," Weisz said.

HERMANOS (Brothers and Sisters) Established March, 1985 1875 Century Park E., No. 1170 Century City, CA 90067 (213) 284-8179 $ Raised $178,000 donated by Coors, Pepsi-Cola for audio recordings; $8,000 received in donations. $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Members of L.A. Latino recording industry released a single, "Cantare, Cantares," in July and a 6-minute video in August. Compilation album due in March. Video documentary of the recording session, hosted by Richardo Montalban, was shown on SIN network. Artists on single include Placido Domingo, Jose Feliciano, Irene Cara, Menudo, Julio Iglesias. Funds and Distribution Single sold 100,000 copies in U.S. and 200,000 in Mexico. Revenues not yet known. 90% of funds will be turned over this month to UNICEF projects for distribution in Latin America and Caribbean; 10% to USA for Africa. "We're not buying guns for Nicaragua," said a spokeswoman. "We want to feed children."

KIDDS FOR KIDS IN AFRICA Established June, 1985 The U.S. Committee for UNICEF 1875 Century Park E., No. 1160 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (213) 551-1191 $ Raised Record Not Yet Released $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers 4 teen stars of "Kidd Video," NBC music/adventure show, initiated project, along with producer Haim Saban, and recruited 60 Hollywood kid stars to record single, "Love's Gonna Find a Way,' targeted for release on Valentine's Day, said UNICEF spokeswoman Candy Miller. Educational video for home sale, to include footage from Africa, is being prepared. Funds and Distribution Revenues earmarked for UNICEF emergency operations in Africa. Money to be distributed to "what's needed most now," Miller said, including medical support and transport vehicles.

LIVE AID FOUNDATION Established July, 1985 P.O. Box 7800 San Francisco, CA 94120 (213) 822-9940 $ Raised $84 million $ Distributed $34 million Goals and Backers Single by British pop stars last Christmas. 18-hour concert in July held simultaneously in Philadelphia and London with leading pop stars. Live Aid also to receive royalties from the David Bowie/Mick Jagger single, "Dancing in the Street," released in September. Bob Geldof wants the money committed by next Sunday and "things are on track," said Live Aid's Gary Krull. Funds and Distribution $40 million toward long-term development in sub-Saharan Africa. $34 million for famine relief and $10 million to be allocated to emergency relief, Programs administered by U.N., U.S. Agency for International Development, UNICEF, World Food Program, said project director Zoe Miller.

NORTHERN LIGHTS FOR AFRICA SOCIETY Established February, 1985 c /o Price Waterhouse P.O. Box 48500 Bentall P.O. Vancouver, B.C. V7XIA2 (604) 688-7274 $ Raised $2.5 million $ Distributed $1.575 million Goals and Backers 53 Canadian musicians--like Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young--were gathered by manager Bruce Allen to record "Tears Are Not Enough." Group also staged a telethon during the Live Aid concert. 85-minute documentary released in Canada Oct. 2. Funds and Distribution 6 agencies received the following for reforestation, irrigation and transportation projects in Ethiopia and Sudan: $500,000 to Red Cross, $400,000 to UNICEF Canada, $250,000 to CARE Canada, $180,000 to Canadian Physicians for African Relief, $180,000 to Save the Children, $65,000 to Plenty Canada, said spokeswoman Maureen Jack. ROCK FOR AFRICA Established Sept . , 1985 c/o Danish Red Cross Copenhagen, Denmark $ Raised $850,000 $ Distributed $283,000 Goals and Backers 3 Danish roadies and Danish Red Cross organized 10-hour concert Sept. 21 at National Football Stadium in Copenhagen featuring 25 bands, attended by 28,000 people. Funds and Distribution Money will go to plant trees in western Africa, as well as Sudan and Ethiopia, said Poul Andersen of the Danish Red Cross.

SAN DIEGO AID FOR AFRICA/91X RADIOTHON Established March, 1985. Project Concern International P.O. Box 85323 San Diego, CA 92138 (619) 279-9690 $ Raised $49,743.38 ($111,672.49 received in pledges) $ Distributed $49,377.18 Goals and Backers San Diego musicians and employees of radio station 91-X held 53-hour radiothon in April to benefit Project Concern International. Station released album in May featuring San Diego musicians under the banner of SANDAID. Funds and Distribution Figures not yet tabulated, said 91X promotions director Rob Tonkin, but album participants will donate $1,000 to Band Aid Trust regardless of sales. Said Tina Ellenbogen, Project Concern International's development director, agency has distributed 20% of the funds to InterAction, consortium of food, relief and development agencies. Remainder for basic health care and indigenous medical training.

SO LET'S START GIVING NATIONAL STUDENT CAMPAIGN AGAINST HUNGER Established May, 1985 37 Temple Place Boston, MA 02111 (202) 546-9707 $ Raised Event Still Under Way $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Nationwide campus campaign initiated by the student directed Public Interest Research Groups in conjunction with USA for Africa was launched this semester. A three-pronged approach: students give (by organizing fund-raisers), learn (by sponsoring educational programs) and act (by planning projects to attack hunger at home). Said co-director Beth Cohen-DeGrasse, So Let's Start Giving is first relief organization to have leaders of worldwide relief in a national speakers bureau. Funds and Distribution All money to USA for Africa, she said.

TOGETHER WE WILL STAND Established April, 1984 P.O. Box 1996 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (805) 499-4393 $ Raised $1.7 million $ Distributed $1.36 million Goals and Backers College-age students from all over the world embark on singing tours for charity. "Together We Will Stand" album released by Continental Singers and Steve Taylor, Amy Grant, Sandi Patti in July. 14 groups toured country this summer, one group embarking on an African crisis tour to raise money specifically for famine relief. Funds and Distribution Money distributed to Africa for relief, redevelopment and child care by World Vision, said spokeswoman Maren Angelotti, with money from other tours for administrative costs.

USA FOR AFRICA Established January , 1985 6420 Wilshire Blvd., 19th floor Los Angeles, CA 90048 (213) 277-3248 $ Raised $36 million $ Distributed $5 million Goals and Backers American pop stars recorded "We Are the World" single, which has sold 5 million copies. An album, featuring tracks contributed by members of the group, has sold 3 million copies. "We are the World: The Video Event" sold 150,000 copies. Funds and Distribution 90% of the money to go to Africa, 10% stays in U.S. Initial 35% will be for emergency relief, second 35% to recovery projects, 20% to long-term economic development such as farming and irrigation, to be administered to relief agency projects in nine African nations over the next two years. Said USA for Africa director Marty Rogol, $17 million has been committed so far.

WEST COAST MUSICIANS' AID FOR AFRICA Established February, 1985 1395 Beach Ave., No. 502 Vancouver, B.C. V6E1V7 (604)689-7002 $ Raised $6,000 to $7,000 $ Distributed $2,000 Goals and Backers An ensemble of Canadian musicians released album in April called "Open Your Heart," available by mail order in U.S. Group also staged two benefit concerts in June. Music video has been aired on MTV and its Canadian equivalent, Much Music. Funds and Distribution Revenues to Oxfam, relief organization. Record sales not yet tabulated. Oxfam spokesman Harvey MacKinnon expects up to $5,000 more from the organization from continuing sales of the record; organizer Duane O'Kane expects $8,000 more to be generated.

Organizations not in the chart reported the following: Mt. View Movie Marathon near Hilo, Hawaii, set the world's record for a movie marathon, 100 hours, 5 minutes, 13 seconds. Distributed $2,700 to the U.S. Mission in Hawaii and the Red Cross Famine Relief Fund, according to Pat Rocco, director of the Hawaii branch of U.S. Mission. Radio USA for Africa set a world's record for largest live stereo satellite broadcast, 3 hours on 500 U.S. stations, according to Jim Brown of Westwood One radio network. It raised $305,000 for USA for Africa while the Stars of Magic Concert for Hunger in Africa raised $20,000. (USA for Africa's Harriet Sternberg said the money has been received but refused to confirm the amounts from the two events.) The Faan Band, Arizona musicians who released single "Hear Your Heart." Raised $30,000 distributed equally to UNICEF and the Arizona Food Bank, said organizer Randy Murray. Santa Cruz Musicians for Ethiopian Famine Relief held two concerts. Raised more than $4,500 for Red Cross as well as contributing $4,200 to Oxfam, which would not disclose amount of money donated. An Oxfam spokesperson said it was not its policy to reveal donations. Artists Against Hunger, art exhibit held in October at William Grant Community Arts Center in Los Angeles raised $6,775, which was given to the U.S. Committee for UNICEF and Black American Response to the African Crisis.

This chart was compiled by Jane Greenstein, a Calendar intern from USC.

IMPERFECTIONS Los Angeles Times Sunday December 15, 1985 Home Edition Calendar Page 107 Calendar Desk 2 inches; 46 words Type of Material: Correction Meanwhile, an omission in last week's otherwise comprehensive chart of African Aid groups glared at Ralph B. Wright Jr., PR director for the L.A. chapter of the American Red Cross. According to Wright, we forgot radio station KLOS' "Rock Relief for Africa" last February, which raised $150,000 to help African famine victims.
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