Since this letter will offend roughly 99.612% of Calendar readers, or about 44.8 people, editors are strongly cautioned ("The Big Deal," by Robert Hilburn, Dec. 15).

To a close-minded, desensitized mush-for-brains who spends his mornings listening to Rick Dees and his evenings gaping at MTV, Lone Justice might seem overrated, or dull, or subordinate to such "talented" performers as Hall and Oates.

However, for those of us who can part the murky gloom of pop music and look beyond, for those of us who have actually bought the record and heard all the songs, Lone Justice stands alone as the most original and talented group of the 1980s.

As for Robert Hilburn, anyone who recognizes this talent can't be all bad, can he? (This remark accounts for 97.321% of those offended.)

Send all complaints to the fool who printed this letter.


Van Nuys

Is that us?

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