Prop. 13: Arguments on Fairness Continue

Indeed, taxes are unfair, but the post-Proposition 13 tax is the unfairest of all, and does need refurbishing--in a hurry.

How sweet it is that the pre-Proposition 13 homeowners received a quick fix, and how bitter it is that the post-Proposition 13 homeowners received the brunt of taxation! My taxes went up upon my mortgage assumption of a house bought at $122,000, from $615 per year to $1,300--about 114%. Now, if this is fair, please tell me what's unfair.

Do we receive proportionately more services from the county and city than my next-door neighbor, who's still paying around $600 a year on property and land, perhaps better and bigger than ours? Like heck we do! The others and I are subsidizing those who are getting a free ride. Let's face it, the city and county could not function well were it not for us post-Proposition 13 taxpayers! It's time that this stopped!

Let's have a tax revolution and restore equity, reason, fairness, and efficiency in land taxation!

Down with Proposition 13!

B. and J. KOSTAR


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