He-Man may be tops among video-loving kids, but She-Ra is closing in.

He-Man's long-lost twin sister, billed as "the most powerful woman in the universe" on her TV show (4 p.m. daily on KCOP Channel 13), now has her own magazine and a Mattel doll in her likeness.

She-Ra is "strong, powerful and athletic, as well as beautiful and glamorous," according to Janet Verklin, editor of She-Ra, Princess of Power, a Telepictures Publications magazine.

Through Verklin, Outtakes learned that She-Ra's planet, Etheria, boasts "purple flowers, pink clouds and all sorts of fun girl stuff." Unlike mundane Barbie, who's "got her personal computer and functions very much in the real world," She-Ra's pure fantasy.

If you don't believe it, check out the She-Ra doll. Her evening gown comes with a long shawl that turns into a rope--perfect for escapes and rescues.

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