Reagan and the Working Class

When President Reagan fired the air controllers early in his first term he sent a message loud and clear to the greedy corporate world that the time was ripe to come down hard and heavy on the working class.

The policies of the Reagan Administration are fast proving that all the old cliches about the Republican Party are true. Growing numbers of people believe that the Republican Party is the enemy of the working class and seeks power to protect the wealth of the greedy.

The issue of national defense will not carry another Republican to the White House. Republicans who want to get reelected or elected better disassociate themselves from the Reagan Administration and its policies.

As much as lifelong registered Republicans like myself loathe the excesses of the liberals, we will not continue to support an Administration or a party that gives silent consent to the return of the master and the slave.

It has come to the attention of everyone that when Reagan asks for sacrifice he always asks those who can least afford to make sacrifice to sacrifice first.

The long and short of it is that the Republicans are blowing it.


Diamond Bar

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