Carson : Civic Center Development

A public hearing has been set for Feb. 3 to consider a development agreement for a proposed hotel and office building in Carson's Civic Center.

The agreement calls for the construction by Gestec Properties and Muller Co. of a 235-room, eight-story Ibis hotel and a six-story office building. Also included in the proposal are two restaurants, one inside the hotel and the other next to it.

As part of the agreement, the city will sell the developers a 6.33-acre Civic Center property for $3.25 million--or about $1 million less than the city paid for it. Such subsidies are allowed under California redevelopment law.

If the agreement is approved, ground breaking for the $29-million complex will be held the last week of March, according to staff reports. The development is scheduled to be open for business by November, 1987.

The proposal, under study since last November, comes more than three years after the city began searching for a hotel development for its Civic Center, where City Hall and the Carson Community Center are located. Plans for a Hilton hotel collapsed last September when the developer failed to proceed for lack of financing and because of problems with the city during negotiations.

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