Today's Impoverished Yuppies

"It's not the high cost of living that does us in. It's the high living that zaps us."

These are the words of my father, who was born in 1879.

As soon as I read the lead paragraph of Sing's "Baby Boomers," I heard my father's words echo in my ears.

The reason that Bill Mitchell cannot buy a house is not related to his income of $32,000 annually. Rather, it is his "high living" that prevents home ownership.

First, he has made the choice to live in Hermosa Beach, that square mile of city that has the highest rents in Los Angeles. Second, he is making car payments of $260 per month. Must he drive a new car?

Sing's nameless, single, 28-year-old attorney is yet more pathetic. With four of six credit cars to the eyeballs, how I do pray for "nameless"?

Some who do not know how to manage money would be head over heels in debt if they had million-dollar incomes.

Mitchell ought to buy himself a good used car and move 15 miles inland where rents are half those in Hermosa Beach.


San Bernardino

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