Column on Gun Store and Hunting

I've been thinking about Patricia Ward Biederman's column of Feb. 7. Thinking long and hard, because I can't figure out what her point was. Is Ms. Biederman taking hunters to the carpet? Gun store owners? People who saw "Rambo" at the local theater? Or a combination of all three?

Apparently Ms. Biederman is assuming the awesome responsibility of exposing the dangerous and childish traits of the incorrigibles who buy firearms to the rest of her "normal" readers. Of course, she is performing a vital service by reporting that all gun nuts hate journalists and have no knowledge of the Constitution except for that ridiculously overblown Second Amendment. Which, as every proper-thinking liberal realizes, is as outmoded as the military use of the longbow. Thank you for opening our eyes.

As both a firearms owner and a former journalist, I took offense at the article. Rambling, ill-informed and prejudiced, the piece was a waste of newsprint. In the future, please cultivate a more open-minded attitude toward the subjects of your stories, Ms. Biederman. It is obvious that you threw any pretense of objectivity about guns and firearms stores out the window long before you picked up the telephone to interrogate the staff of B & B Sales. Perhaps a short stint in the classified ads department can help you develop an unbiased viewpoint.


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