Lessons From the People of the Philippines

Her courageous campaign for "civil disobedience," which snowballed to include military disobedience, catapulted Mrs. Aquino to the highest civilian post in the Philippines.

In the process of earning that position she gained world recognition and acclaim while bringing down her detractors into a world of shame.

While adjusting to the title of Madam President, Corazon Aquino has to contend with the very same campaign slogan that won her the presidency.

Only time will tell if she can be as effective against civil disobedience as she was for it. To swing people power from civil disobedience now, and still come out fairly successful, can be doubly hard for her, but can Aquino also succeed in swinging military obedience again to her side?

Filipinos and the world in general can only sit back and hope and pray that there will not be a People Power II.



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