Can a mortal and a mermaid find True Love after being banished from the MerCity? Well, maybe, according to an early draft for "Splash II," now in pre-production at Touchstone.

But first, mermaid Madison (last played by Daryl Hannah) and mortal Alan (Tom Hanks) have to retrieve the Trident of Neptune, the "heart" of the underwater land of the merpeople--including mertykes, who are turning a sickly shade of gray without their Trident life force. Since the Trident is traced to the Big Apple, Madison and Alan get to return to their old stamping ground.

The script reunites Tom with his blundering brother Freddie and his old nemesis-turned-ally Professor Kornbluth (now a celebrity--with science groupies). Dr. Ross, who wanted to dissect Madison in "Splash," also returns--accompanied by an ominous group of power-mad men. (No word yet on who'll star or if Ron Howard will return as director.)

In between their sleuthing and a string of car chases, Madison worries that Alan craves hot dogs and pizza after an underwater diet of fish and kelp. Madison or Madison Square Garden--which will he choose?

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