Inequality Brings Threat

The article by David Gordon (Board of Economists, Feb. 18) concerning the widening gap between the haves and have-nots in this country was right on the money.

President Reagan and his Administration have not shown the slightest compassion for the truly needy or the working class; all their attention has gone to the wealthy and the corporations. Since Reagan took office and pushed through his tax-cut welfare programs for the rich, we have seen more corporate takeovers than any time in this country's history.

While Reagan blames every international problem on communism, the inequalities described in Gordon's article only help to breed communism. And when Reagan starts instituting more taxes to reduce the deficit, the poor and the middle class will end up picking up the tab.

The wealthy don't seem to care about the plight of the working class in this country. When Reagan announced his tax reform program, did the wealthy come forward and point out that their own wealth would increase substantially while people who need relief the most would receive very little? The wealthy only seem to care about the size of their bank accounts.

This country won't go communist overnight. But if the inequalities between the rich and the working people continue to widen, it could very well happen down the road.

For all the talk about defending ourselves from the Soviet Union, we came a lot closer to communism during the Great Depression than anytime since.



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