Brown's Views on Supreme Court

In keeping with its firmly entrenched policy of being the sounding board for dictatorial moralism masquerading as liberalism, The Times has run yet another article by a member of this cabal. This particular article by cabalist Edmund G. Brown Jr., a.k.a. ex-Gov. Moombeam, followed the trend established by a litany of forerunning articles on the same subject, by attempting to portray the present members of the California Supreme Court as omniscient moralists desperately trying to protect our republic from the tyranny of the evil heathens known as The People or The General Public.

While every genuine liberal has a right to be greatly offended by this sorry scenario, there will be no protest from such quarter. We quite naturally value diversity in taste and opinion. Aside from that monumental fact, the greater the exposure given to idiocy the lesser the threat it poses to our society.

In this instance, there is not one person with even nominal intelligence who can read the article referenced herein and seriously classify it as anything more than sanctimonious gibberish, which is the highest order of substance known to this group.

It is hopefully anticipated that The Times will continue to give unchecked exposure to the advocacies of these lightweight intellectuals and pseudo-liberals. From a personal standpoint, such articles help keep my instincts for reductio ad absurdum honed. From a collective standpoint, such exposure is decidedly salutary to the best interests of our society.


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