'Pressure on Nicaragua'

George Shultz has kept his head in the sand long enough. It's time he come up for a breath of clean, fresh air, then perhaps he would see the following:

1--The Nicaraguan government is firmly rooted in Christian doctrine, and therefore, by definition, cannot be called communistic. Communism ceased to be a viable option in Central and Latin America 20 years ago.

2--Nicaraguan repression compared to Marcos-style repression? C'mon, Mr. Secretary.

3--The United States supported the Contadora process until, to its disbelief, the Nicaraguan government did too, then the United States pulled back.

4--The United States is forcing the Nicaraguan government to seek economic assistance from non-U.S.-loyal countries because we are not supplying the teachers, tractors and foreign markets the country so desperately needs follOwing the ruin Somoza left it in.

5--The definition of "freedom" to the contras is freedom to kill and torture political enemies. This is democracy?



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