CPR Coach Seeks Return of Stolen 'Resusci-Annie'

A. H. (Brownie) Brown wants his manikin back.

The manikin, a "Resusci-Annie" used to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation, was taken from the garage of Brown's Downey home on March 4. It was packed in a large case, and Brown speculates that the thief thought the case contained tools or something else that had some resale value.

"It's worth a lot to me--without it, I can't teach my CPR classes," Brown said. "But it's worthless to anybody else. They'll probably just dump it."

Brown is a retiree who volunteers as a lifesaving instructor, and the manikin was donated to him several years ago by the Santa Fe Springs Rotary Club. He said its original cost was about $750.

"This manikin has been responsible for lives being saved, and I would like to be able to continue this volunteer service," he said.

Anyone with information about the manikin can contact Brown at 927-0396. Or, Brown suggests to the person who took it: "Please, again, late at night when no one will see you, as you did when you removed it, return it to its owner. Just set it in the yard next to the garage."

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