Zoning Changes and Their Impact

Some members of the Placentia City Council seem to get very agitated when people who live in the Santa Fe area of the city mention that they consider the city's redevelopment plans to be a threat to them.

You can see why the Santa Fe residents are concerned. After all, it was these same council members who thought up redevelopment and brought it up to the Santa Fe doorstep.

City Hall, with its usual wisdom, is now insisting that the Santa Fe area residents accept R-3, high-density apartment zoning on top of their single-family homes. That is just about as popular with the homeowners as raising the utility tax and 10 times as deadly for the Santa Fe neighborhood.

Redevelopment, besides taking tax money from the city's pockets, also brings with it the power of condemnation and destruction of property.

How much longer will the people of the city look the other way as this City Council, with its big expenditures and its high-paid staff, continues to attempt to force its desires against the lives and interests of the people of Placentia.



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