Protest Over Cluster Mailboxes

Do we need any more clarification than your article on mailboxes (March 1) that people are strange? As I read the article, I could actually see Al Martinez's eyes light up like a child's at Christmas.

You may recall, people were outraged by the fact that they might actually have to vacate their new impenetrable fortresses in Sylmar to gather their mail from clustered mailboxes. There goes the neighborhood!

These are probably the same people who are the first to complain that their mail is late and the price of postage is outrageous. Of course, when they actually have an opportunity to help remedy these problems, they are more concerned with the horrifying prospect of meeting their neighbors by the mailboxes.

I also was unaware that residents of condominiums and apartments are second-class citizens, as inferred by one of the Sylmar residents. Second class is clearly favorable to no class.


Seminole Hot Springs

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