If you're wondering what Disney Chairman Michael Eisner does with the Screen Actors Guild minimum $361 (plus residuals) that he's making to host ABC's "Disney Sunday Movie," don't. He's passing on the bucks.

According to a Disney spokesman, because the boss is "playing himself, rather than acting out a role," he got a waiver from SAG. Which means he didn't have to join.

"He's perpetuating something Walt started. Walt didn't take payment for his TV time either," explained the rep, adding, "Michael is doing this (hosting) for the good of the company."

On the other hand, that saves Disney $361 a show in costs and Eisner collects at the profit end. That is, besides Eisner's $750,000 annual salary, plus free parking and T-shirts, he gets cash bonuses ($1,374,000 last year) tied to company profits.

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