Significant Noise

We are writing to rebut the opinions of Mr. Christopher Pook, the promoter of the proposed Del Mar Grand Prix (March 30), as to the “so-called benefits” to our coastal communities of this event. He incorrectly states that the detrimental impacts have been mitigated. But his consultant, who drafted the environmental impact report (EIR), cannot explain away the objective conclusions of the County Department of Planning and Land Use that:

“It is clear from the information presented in EIR and its appendix that noise impacts are significant and not mitigable . Levels of 80 decibels in nearby residential areas and 70 decibels nearly a mile away are unacceptable .”

The promoter failed to inform the public and the EIR consultants that these car races can be held at the new Otay Mesa race track and that they would produce the same economic benefit to the San Diego economy. The difference would be that local communities would not be harmed, and that promoter Pook might not be the one to pocket the profits at Otay Mesa. These car races should be held at the newly approved Otay Mesa San Diego Motor Raceway.


Del Mar