Hotel, Car Rental Perks

Pan Am is offering hotel and car rental perks if you’re flying to West Germany or London on a round-trip flight from Los Angeles, San Francisco or any of its other U.S. gateways.

First- and business-class passengers flying to Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin or Nuremberg can get three days’ free rental of a Mercedes-Benz 190E from Budget Rent-A-Car, and 50% off regular weekend rates at Sheraton hotels in Frankfurt, Munich and Essen.

Flights to Frankfurt are non-stop, with service on to the other German cities.

Make reservations at least 72 hours in advance. The car rental and hotel reservations can be made at the same time, with each on a confirmed basis. Show your Pan Am boarding pass when picking up your car and checking in at the hotel.


The three days’ free car rental is applicable to any of the German cities, and there are drop-off privileges--you can pick up a car in Frankfurt and drop it off in Hamburg. But the cars must be picked up and returned to airport locations, not downtown offices.

This offer is good until May 31.

If London is your destination, you can get 25% off the regular rates any day of the week at six Trusthouse Forte hotels, and 25% off any Budget rental car for any period. These discounts are available for economy-class as well as first- and business-class passengers.

The 25% discount also is available at about 250 other Trusthouse Forte hotels throughout the United Kingdom, including those at Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Stratford-on-Avon, Edinburgh.


Again, make your reservations at least 72 hours ahead. Car rental and London hotel reservations, on a confirmed basis, will be made with your air booking. But you will have to make your own reservations for hotels outside of London by calling Trusthouse Forte at (800) 223-5672 and asking for the Pan Am Spring Discount.

This offer ends on April 30.

Contact travel agents or Pan Am at (800) 221-1111.