U.S. Action Against Libya

I was dismayed by your editorial page of March 31, which included an editorial and letters criticizing the U.S. role in the Libyan incident. I can’t believe people would find fault with something that obviously was a thing of great beauty! There are several basic positive aspects of the U.S. involvement in the Libyan incident, which stand out quite clearly.

The Libyan incident broke the monotony of the average American worker’s day. When I heard about the Libyan incident, while at work, my day became filled with interest. Numerous workers including myself gathered around discussing the incident. I felt like I was a pigeon! Afterwards I felt renewed zest and became more productive. If you multiply me by millions of workers across the land, you soon realize the benefit of the Libyan incident to the American worker.

The Libyan incident provided great pride and joy for our military men. The sailors and airmen who participated in this successful endeavor received the thrill of their lives, and their success surely increased the confidence of our military men everywhere.

Let’s face it, today’s servicemen haven’t been getting the respect of those of previous eras, and their confidence may have been sagging. After the Libyan incident, there is renewed respect for our armed forces’ capabilities. The men who serve surely feel a needed boost to their pride.


The employees of the technical companies, which designed the weaponry used, know their work came in handy. Though they are no doubt saddened that some lives were lost, they must surely feel satisfaction that American lives were defended because of their work. They are probably even relieved to know that their weapon systems work at all. This should provide an impetus for them to continue on with their brillance.

Finally, the Libyan incident was beneficial in that Moammar Kadafi was taught a lesson, which was noticed by our enemies throughout the world.

It is evident that Kadafi had this coming to him after his role in the terrorist airport bombings. It was wonderful to humiliate arrogant Kadafi and at the same time make it clear to our enemies that we have an extremely capable military that is willing to take severe action. It is true that some Libyan servicemen lost their lives because of this, but aahhh they were on the other side!

I give the Reagan Administration full credit for all the good that came out of our involvement in the Libyan incident. Clearly President Reagan saw all the marvelous ramifications of his decision regarding Libya. Let’s have more of this!



Sherman Oaks