New Management Team Reflects Legacy of IBM

Tandon was founded in late 1975 by Sirjang Lal (Jugi) Tandon, 44, an American-educated native of India. The executive team he put into place recently is dominated by former IBM executives and others important in development of the personal computer in the United States. They key figures are:

Dan H. Wilkie, 43, Tandon president and chief executive. Wilkie is an 18-year IBM veteran who was in charge of operations at IBM"s personal computer facility in Boca Raton, Fla.

H. L. (Sparky) Sparks, 53, executive vice president of sales and marketing. He helped establish the marketing network for the IBM-PC, and later for Compaq's IBM-compatible personal computer.

William Sydnes, 41, vice president of engineering and development. He helped design the IBM-PC at Boca Raton.

Ranjit Sitlani, 44, recently promoted to executive vice president from vice president of planning. He spent 19 years with IBM in various management jobs before joining Tandon in 1982.

Joseph A. Sarubbi, 57, senior vice president of manufacturing operations. Also a key person in the development of the IBM-PC, Sarubbi joined Tandon after retiring from IBM, where his most recent position was director of technology and systems architecture in Boca Raton.

Chuck Peddle, hired as a consultant by Tandon mainly to develop the company's personal computer market in Europe. He was not an IBM executive, but was a pioneer in the development of the personal computer. He helped design Commodore International's computers and founded Victor Technologies in Scotts Valley, Calif., which last year finished reorganizing under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

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