Charles Starrett

I was saddened by the death of Charles Starrett (Times, March 25). In my childhood days (mid to late ‘40s), I would wait in long lines to go to the Saturday afternoon matinees to see Starrett play the role of the Durango Kid.

Even though he could ride into a cave and out again and be decked out in his black outfit and mask and be on a different horse in a matter of seconds, my friends and I didn’t worry about such technicalities.

We were equally entertained by his sidekick Smiley Burnette and his horse Ringeye. After the show, my friends and I would gallop home pretending we were riding imaginary horses. No other western star drew the crowds that Charles Starrett did, and I am proud to say he was from my native state of Massachusetts.

Happy Trails, Mr. Starrett! You filled my childhood years with much joy.