U.S. Raid on Libya and ‘Spiral of Violence’

Like most Americans, I applaud our action in Libya. It has not made the world unsafe for Americans; it was already unsafe long before we bombed Libya. Americans were being kidnaped, held hostage, ambushed, firebombed, and killed throughout the world.

One matter especially disturbing to me is the attitude our so-called allies in Western Europe have toward our action. As I write this, there are thousands of Europeans demonstrating against America. Where were these concerned demonstrators when Americans (and Europeans) were dying at the hands of Libyan or Libyan-backed terrorists? Why were there no demonstrations in the streets of London, Paris, and Berlin over the innocent children slain by the terrorists? And why have there been no Western European demonstrations against the tons of bombs dropped daily on Afghanistan by the Soviet Union?

A good friend of mine characterized America’s position in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as being akin to that of the only intelligent son in a family of idiots. We just have to do what is correct and pay no attention to the babblings from Europe, as they do not even know how to act in the best interests of civilization.



Los Angeles