U.S. Raid on Libya and ‘Spiral of Violence’

Regarding your editorial (April 16), “Spiral of Violence,” on the U.S. raid on Libya:

Both in The Times and on radio, I heard and read about the 15-month-old daughter of Moammar Kadafi who was reported killed and of the horror of killing innocent victims.

Yes, it’s a horror for any innocent to be killed, but should these terrorists not also feel the loss of loved ones?

What about the infant sucked out of the TWA jet in Athens, or the young girl at the Rome airport or babies hurled out of windows to be battered against the ground?


Were they any less innocent?

Kadafi sponsors murder--you reap what you sow.

His child is no better than any child anywhere in the world.

It’s time we stood up to him and his ilk and let them know we won’t tolerate this activity anymore.

And as for our European allies, let us put a year’s moratorium on travel to our so-called friends and see how they miss the American dollar.

Why should we fuel their economies when they won’t help us by allowing overflights of their country?

No longer can we be afraid. It’s time the world remembered who we are--the United States of America.

Let these media people remember, too, that so far there have been no attacks on this country, but when they happen, they will be our innocents.


Let’s not let our lambs be slaughtered. Now is the time to stand and fight.


West Hollywood