Imelda Marcos Given a New Pair of Shoes

United Press International

Imelda Marcos, wife of deposed Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos, received a new pair of shoes over the weekend at a party thrown by Filipinos at the Marcoses’ home-in-exile in Honolulu, videotape showed Monday.

The former first lady’s collection of 3,000 shoes received worldwide publicity in February when it was found at the Manila presidential palace after the couple fled in February.

Imelda Marcos, near tears at the Saturday party, received the shoes and several dresses from Corazon Medina, a Filipino nurse living in Michigan. She said the heels on her only other pair of shoes had worn out. Her husband also received a pair of shoes.

“Thank you for being friends,” Imelda Marcos told the group of about 70 Filipinos at the party, according to a videotape made available in Manila by an independent television news producer.


Marcos and his wife claim that they are cash-poor since fleeing Manila despite reports that they acquired millions of dollars in wealth during his term as president.