FBI Agent Paid for Abortion, Soviet Spy Says

From Associated Press

A Soviet woman, testifying in the spy trial of her FBI lover, testified today she became pregnant during an affair with another FBI agent and he paid for her to have an abortion.

Svetlana Ogorodnikova, who wept and took a brief break in the retrial of fired agent Richard W. Miller, regained her composure and was calm as she told about the end of her love affair with now-retired agent John Hunt and her subsequent discovery that she was pregnant.

“Do you remember going to a doctor’s office with Hunt?” asked defense attorney Joel Levine.

“Yes,” Ogorodnikova said.


‘Why Did You Go?’

“And why did you go to a doctor’s office with Mr. Hunt?” asked the lawyer.

“I was pregnant,” Ogorodnikova said, closing her eyes and sighing.

“And why did you go with Mr. Hunt rather than alone?” asked Levine.


“He was my man,” she responded.

Asked what sort of treatment she received, she said, “I had an abortion.” Asked who paid for the abortion, she said, “Mr. Hunt paid.”

Hunt, who has testified previously in the Miller case, has said he took the Soviet woman to a doctor because she had told him she was suffering from a rare blood disease.

Asked if she had ever told Hunt such a thing, Ogorodnikova responded: “I told him that I was pregnant.”


Doctor Has Died

Levine asked her to supply the name of the doctor who performed the abortion, and she said the last name was Jacob, but added, “He died before I was arrested.”

In the most dramatic testimony of Miller’s second trial, the woman who has confessed to spying told her story for the first time in public, detailing a passionate affair with Hunt during which she said he pressed her to make contact with Soviet officials.