The Times podcast: Babies at a bargain lead to pricey problems

Surrogacy parent and child
Gabrielle with her 3-year-old in San Diego. Gabrielle and her husband were planning to start a family when they learned that their surrogate did not receive proper medical services, and the fetus had died in utero. They now have two daughters through surrogacy.
(Ana Ramirez / San Diego Union-Tribune)

Decades ago, when you couldn’t conceive or carry a child, your options for becoming a parent were limited. In 1978, in vitro fertilization became possible. But it can be very expensive, and one method in particular can lead to heartache and scandal.

Today, how one woman’s attempt to offer more affordable surrogacy services collapsed, leaving in its wake heartbroken couples, frustrated surrogates and an FBI investigation. Read the full transcript here.


Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: Former L.A. Times national correspondent Emily Baumgaertner

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