Building-Limits Initiative

Robertson’s article made no mention of the downtown development that is in progress.

Let him drive west on 5th Street between Main and Flower any time and enjoy the constant congestion that is the lot of those whose business takes them into that area.

Presumably, this growth was “planned” in accordance with Robertson’s hopes. If it was “planned” the result was a real mess

Maybe the reason that “planning” hasn’t done well in Los Angeles is that plans can be overturned by a majority vote of the City Council. There may be other reasons, but it’s reasonable to say that it has not worked well in any area of Los Angeles that I am aware of.


Yaroslavsky’s and Braude’s initiative, while not perfect, is a real protective device for the ordinary citizen who cannot participate in every political planning decision but would like to have a better quality of life here in the Los Angeles area.


North Hollywood